Custom Flooring for Your Home

Flooring is a large part of any decor and home project. The market for flooring is quite extensive and includes numerous choices. Tile flooring has enjoyed a recent come back in recent years with families enjoying the old style traditional kitchen albeit larger than the kitchens of 10 years ago.

Hardwood flooring installation is a popular choice for both new homes and renovations. Hardwood comes in many different styles including the more exotic woods from places like Brazil. Many of these more exotic woods have a tint of red or yellow within the grain of the wood. This rich application of color in its most natural form is in stark contrast to the rather plain oak flooring of recent years.

Given that current society is less married to the traditional look and more apt to embrace a more eclectic style, the exotic wood flooring has enjoyed a surge in popularity. Wide plank flooring has also seen an increase in popularity often being used to create the old country style kitchen. The cost of installing hardwood flooring may very greatly depending on the type of hardwood you choose. The exotic woods may be more expensive to install. Engineered wood flooring is the least expensive option and may also be better equipped to stand up to heavy traffic and extreme temperatures.

Wood Flooring Inlay Design and Carvings

A unique technique that can only be called an art form has been created by Zsolt Paul Golenya. A combination of ancient marquetry techniques with the latest modern technology has made this process possible. Using 3D relief carvings along with a special shading and staining technique, these intricate wood designs become almost life like in any decor. The inlay wooden creations are not limited to small wall adornments or furniture, but may actually be incorporated into your hardwood flooring installation.
This unusual fllooring installation lends an artistic flair to almost any decor. By combining the artistry with the natural colors and varying textures of the wood, a custom work of art may be created for foyers, entry ways and even patios.

This type of inlay wood carving projects may be incorporated with your hardwood flooring installation to create a custom design for your home.
The craftsmen at are proficient in woodworking, hardwood flooring installation and roofing. Choosing the right type of wood for your home design is important for the look of your home as well as the functionality of the rooms in your house.

Modular Home Construction

What exactly does modular home construction mean?
Years ago a modular home was considered to be one that could be towed.  Now modular homes are much more than that.  Early on these homes were known as prefab homes and were even sold my major catalog houses .

Pre-fab or modular homes is the term given to all the pieces pre-cut and bundled together that it takes to build a home.  As much as possible of the building process is done in the factory and then transported to the side to set assemble all the pieces and set it up on your property.
Modular home construction cuts down on the building time.  We all know how long it takes for just the framework of a house to be erected and that’s the fastest part of building in the traditional way.  Beyond that, the unexpected issues arrive from weather conditions to material shortages, etc.
Factory time can be as short as 7 days with plumbing, electrical and finishing taking up to 3 months.
Modular homes can be outfitted with the top-of-the-line  insulation to argon-filled glass windows.  Many of the latest energy saving features are also available.
Customization is also available and can be adapted to your needs and dreams whether that means built-ins or a spa type bath.  These accomodations apply whether adding on to your present structure or building your dream home.