HTC PM7000 Portamate Miter Saw & Power Tool Work Center Review

The HTC PM7000 Portamate Miter Saw & Power Tool Work Center is ideal for any professionals who already own a saw and need something to be able to place it on that offers a sturdy base from which to work.

Power Miter saws are incredibly popular with many professionals. They have become extremely sought after and invaluable.

But you can get the most out of your saw you need to mount it on a durable, sturdy stand. This particular model is one of the best stands on the market.

Best of all, it is completely portable.

The stand is constructed with aluminum which is both strong and lightweight. Therefore you get the strength to enhance the durability and the lightweight nature of the product, meaning you can easily transport this stand from place to place. 

The stand can be expanded to allow for a great length of material to be placed on it.

There are plenty of other features that make this stand extremely appealing to the end user. It includes a power strip with four-outlets and a diameter wheel that is 8 inches in order to move about easily.

Additionally, it also legs that fold up for easy storage and transportation. It also has an extremely useful work light for working when it is dark. The stand is versatile and strong at a very reasonable price.

Most of the reviews for this product are very positive and customers particularly loved the great value for money you get with this stand.

The HTC PM7000 Portamate Miter Saw & Power Tool Work Center Reviews

The majority of reviews for this product are very positive. One of the most appealing aspects for many customers was the stability and durability of the stand. It is really heavy duty but at the same time light in weight.

This means you should have no problems with using it and also be able to store and transport from place to place with relative ease. Another great advantage for many is that you can buy clamps to mount other tools on the stand. The light is also extremely useful if working at night.

Perhaps the only drawback for some customers was that this might be a little too heavy and is definitely heavier than some other models for moving around. It is very versatile, however and that should not be forgotten.

Basically, if you are looking for a work station that is heavy duty and versatile then this HTC PM7000 Portamate Miter Saw & Power Tool Work Center is worth checking out. The stand combines some very interesting and useful features including stability and durability.

Additionally, it has quality construction and can be purchased at a very reasonable price. If you are the owner of a Miter Saw then you definitely have to try this.

HTC PM7000 Portamate Miter Saw & Power Tool Work Center Features:

  • This portable work station comes with a power strip with 4-outlets
  • Includes an 8-inch wheel for easy transportation and a useful storage compartment
  • This is universally designed for mounting many different types of saws
  • Comes with aluminium rubber feet
  • Work light comes with product
  • Weighs just 75 pounds in weight
  • Comes complete with a warranty of one year

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