Scrolling With Scroll Saws

There are plenty of tools available when working with wood. Each tool has, of course, a specific purpose. 

Some of the more popular ones are the more essential power tools used to shape wood in a particular fashion.

These include the bigger saws, like the crosscut saw, for cutting through large blocks of wood. Planers, one of the more common large saws, are used in smoothing out edges. 

These kinds of heavy action tools are commonly used in working with larger blocks or sheets of wood and are better utilized in a wholesale style.

Other tools, on the other hand, work with smaller inputs and processes with wood. One of these is the scroll saw. 

Unlike its bigger cousins, the scroll saw only has a small blade, and it is used for carving or cutting out beautiful designs in wood and other materials. 

The scroll saw is not intended for the usual cutting of large chunks of wood, like table saws and miter saws.

Rather, its blade is for the purpose of creating intricate designs and patterns which produce a more original finish. 

A tool that is definitely not one to miss, having a scroll saw around, would be handy in adding a personal touch to your project.

What to Look For in a Scroll Saw

There are many scroll saws available on the market, and most of these have their own unique features to offer. 

It would still be prudent, however, to check first on some of the basic features that a scroll saw has to ensure reliability. 

Here are some of the critical things that you should look for in choosing a scroll saw.


This is one attribute that a scroll saw should not be lacking, especially as most designs would have intricate patterns that can be more complex depending on your creativity!

Having a scroll saw that you could use to carve out even the most complicated designs is a healthy addition to your collection, as you will only need one tool for the most straightforward designs to the most difficult ones.


While speed is not one of the top-selling points of a scroll saw, it is still useful to have once which can cut your designs and patterns at a reasonable pace.

Having a relatively faster-paced scroll saw could save you a lot of time and effort, especially when working with more complicated patterns or with a number of projects.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Different scroll saws may have different mechanisms employed in handling their blades. It is recommended that you first try it out to see if the mechanism is one where you are comfortable with. 

After all, you’ll be using the scroll saw for more creative works, and having one which you could use comfortably would definitely help.


Long-term durability and reliability are important factors to consider when purchasing a scroll saw. Having to replace tools and parts too frequently means less time for your projects and more of a hit on your wallet.

It is always better to have a scroll saw that you could use reliably for an extended period of time.

Some of the Best Scroll Saws on the Market

Craftsman 16″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw

This 16″ throated scroll saw offers great versatility. Its variable speed between 400spm and 1600 SPM (spm = strokes per minute) plus its variable tilt of up to 45 degrees allows a user to saw in a variety of materials and methods.

Its cast-iron work table gives you a solid base, and it comes with a variety of extras and a storage area to keep them in. IT also comes with a built-in dust collector, which is pretty handy.

Possessing the power and versatility to cut through most materials, the Craftsman 16″ variable speed scroll saw is definitely a great one to consider

It’s not perfect though, as it does tend to vibrate quite a lot. It’s also quite heavy, and for all its considerable power, it still struggles with more heavy-duty jobs. It also only tilts to the left, which we thought was a little bit odd.

DeWalt DW788

This scroll saw is one of the larger and pricier models available. This 20” saw uses a parallel-link reciprocating mechanism and boats of an ultra-smooth functionality.

It is a flexible saw and adjustments can easily be made to its tensioning mechanism even on the fly. The blade itself can also be adjusted to allow the saw access to more difficult parts of the surface that you are working on.

Some drawbacks of this scroll saw would include a heavier frame and the need for a wrench for bevel adjustment.

Red Brewer at The Best Scroll Saw did a great DeWalt DW788 review, check it out here!

To Scroll or Not To Scroll…

The scroll saw is not an all-purpose tool. Think of it as a specialized tool that is specifically designed for doing small and intricate cuts for producing complex and beautiful designs. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive tool that you can use for almost anything, the scroll saw is definitely not the tool for you.

If you are, however, searching for a saw that can help you in etching creative patterns and intricacies on your projects, the scroll saw is one option that you should definitely consider!

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